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Shadows grow longer as the year moves to winter.

A stale wind blows through the trees.

It's up to you now. 

Remember to look after Granny. We all owed her a lot, but you most especially. This land was never kind to us, but Granny got us through. Keep her fed, listen to her stories, and you should remember who you are.

Most of all, leave this land.

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Programming and art by: TheSpokenOlive
Creepy Hollow
The Haunted Deep
Hazy Darkness Looping
Ominous Goings On Looping
Dark Things
by Eric Matyas  www.soundimage.org

Additional Music and Sounds by TheSpokenOlive;


TOPAD_Obligation.zip 33 MB

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hey nice art and style

please more more  games

more details on the page?

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thank you

The credits have been added to the description. For a more detailed credits including special thanks, reach any of the four endings of TOPAD: Obligation!

awesome! yes that is enough. many than